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Beijing's Best Western OL Stadium Hotel (Beijing Ya'ao Guoji Jiudian) is conveniently located on the Badaling Highway,  adjacent to the Olympic Park and Beijing National Stadium,  also known as the "Bird's Nest."
Guestrooms range from standard accommodations to business rooms and suites,  and all are equipped with broadband Internet access,  in-room safes and satellite TVs.

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  • Rosas
    Very comfortable travel, hotel stay comfortable, convenient, and strongly recommend you choose!
  • lucy66
    Leaving the venue near, from the bird's nest, water cube nearby, take a taxi as long as the initial costs, but eat less, hotel facilities are old, breakfast was excellent, choice more.
  • stemail
    Well, space is small.
  • jerrymaoy
    Every Olympic Hotel, convenient, courteous service
  • ATP501
    Do not understand why there is a double room only booked a breakfast situation, another person not to eat breakfast? unreasonable and inhuman.
  • cocoleslie
    Breakfast was good
  • fallinfall
    Because of late, there is no room, and is a free upgrade to the top of theme rooms, room facilities, luxurious decoration, sofa, television, automatic heating toilet, mahjong tables available, rooms planted with greenery, there is a cage bird singing, beautiful.
  • fan9011
    Featured business
  • jaynannan
    As always, good.
  • LILI123563
    All right
  • new117
    Service at the hotel was good, had stayed in this hotel many times
  • alili
    Incense in the room, good details, services
  • cin2006
    Good clean and tidy
  • aros56001
    Old four star General in General, such places are in Beijing, rooms boast
  • catanddog
    Recommend staying!
  • TincleW
    Subway is convenient, from the Chinese Academy of Sciences.
  • peterwang_2007
    Stayed many times, clean and comfortable, television is relatively abundant, satisfactory breakfast, travel is more convenient to the airport quickly, almost no traffic jams
  • robertgarcia
    Hotel in good location, subway, bus, airport bus at the door, sitting at the door to the water cube 607 Simon road to the water cube, is very convenient.
  • feng52079790
    Room was very clean, staff very friendly, very close to the water cube from the nest
  • pengwater
    All right
  • jfwu_cn
    Well ... from the Northern beaches Metro station within easy reach. convenient, surrounded by supporting foot.
  • liao0917
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  • Parmart
    Facilities are not new, health can. overall.
  • Lulu Lulu
    Hotel location is OK, around eating are still convenient, arrangement in the lobby, but rooms dated and trite, but everything there is, network speed is OK. Well, regardless, and consulting is to help with the luggage, very intimate place. room design and attention to detail, very kindly thought. Lack of breakfast is more expensive, breakfast place near far. mat should pay attention to clean the room, toilet water is not smooth enough, the ground water. door busTo the airport, a 40 minute classes. in addition, the hotel television system is also updated, hotel, will see their names appeared on television screens in the room, small room,
  • wxs8868
    Nice comfortable bed breakfast but almost
  • cola886
    Nice closer to the China National Convention Center, walk 15-20 minutes
  • non_rien
    Good, convenient hotel, in a quiet
  • bb1985
    Hotel amenities were satisfactory, the hotel lobby staff was very good, room very clean, nice room, away from the room quieter
  • BlueRan
    Very good location and travel, bus in front of the hotel, there is an airport bus nearby, convenient to the airport. service attitude is good, clean ... good breakfast, clean.
  • anvyfu
    It's OK
  • eyesmil
    Very convenient, large room, toilet is fairly large, next to the high speed, but very quiet, very near from the nest, and downstairs there is summer food, eat
  • e01148655
    Lived in a room without Windows, but there are air filters, I feel pretty good. is the noise a bit big, toilet tastes, don't know why bath shower gel, wash itched.
  • gwendolyn821
    Clean well
  • xin_angel
    Next time
  • fei3205
    Gym and breakfast is quite good. rooms are common
  • alonelyboat
    Multiple occupancy, good service, clean. line, Subway Line 15 through travel, very convenient. Asia downstairs restaurant prices, but business is especially good! proposal out to eat!
  • jingre
    Location members booking, go to the Observatory meeting, very close, he was satisfied. Facilities, good service attitude, business between the slightly more expensive, if you can offer something even better. If you go to the bird's nest, water cube, walk up.
  • AnsonG
    Always many. nothing around some. TV is not clear.
  • ersalam
    As always, affordable, the service is good, the bed is too soft, and didn't sleep too well
  • judyweng
    The overall feeling is good, good
  • mytrip2009
    No window room no
  • Shibuya S Small
    Very good, often live.
  • jcysbo
    Hotel transportation is convenient, the room clean, breakfast great!
  • anniedong527
    Which is very nice
  • alex2057
    Very clean, service is good, WiFi is very strong, highly recommended!
  • judy801
    Hotel is well located, convenient, quiet, the room was clean, decorated and cozy than comparable hotels, great. hotel rooms are very clean, decorated very warm, bed very comfortable, necessary, staff were very friendly, will stay again.
  • andrew_wong
    Near from the bird's nest, a hotel of the year, but still. changed a room because the room is especially hot. room with fragrance lamps and oils to choose from, but after the phone can offer only one, that lets the customer choose. but the hotel breakfast nice, full range.
  • cl123
    A very good environment, live very comfortable
  • e00730283
    Featured: Oh, my God, for there to be
  • dug66
    Room service is good, the room is good, is a small point, but the price in Beijing is almost